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Happy new year from the Knights Men!

On behalf of all the Knights we would like to wish you a very happy new year.

Reflecting on 2021 and the season so far we have had a lot of ups and downs. We have had some great wins and some tough losses. We started the season at anew venue, with record numbers of spectators. We launched our new website and booking system which has been an outstanding success for the team and makes it much easier for spectators to stay up to date. We had our whole playing uniform redesigned, and started selling merchandise with the help of our sponsor SUPA. We linked with Resolution Dance Company who are now our resident cheer team and dance group and we still have a strong and amazing sponsorship from Physio & Therapy London and Solopress. Although we have had some personel changes on within the team, we are poised to be even stonger going into 2022. We go into the second half of the season with a 5-5 record and we are set on the goal of making the playoffs by the end of the regular season.

The team has so far seen flashes of their potential in some games such as vs. Baltic Stars, but have lacked the consistency to show this every game. The team are working harder than ever to make sure we hit our stride this year and make up for the lost ground. We are extremely proud of the players and all the fans that have supported us so far in this season and we hope to see more of the same this year.

“We could easily have a 9-1 record right now but we have been struggling to stay focussed for 4 quarters. I think Westminster is the only team that should have been tough for us.” Coach Omirin

We would like to thank all of our supporters for your support so far this season and in previous seasons. We truely wouldnt be the team we are today without you! We really hope to see you on the sidelines for the last half of the season so we can finish the season ona high!

As always thank you to all of our sponsors and everyone that helps make our team a success! Solopress

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